Pitcher / Dispenser Systems NSF Certified Contaminants Reduction Claims

Pitcher / Dispenser Systems
NSF Certified Contaminants Reduction Claims
Certified by NSF Int'l to conform to NSF Std 53 and Std 42 for reduction of listed contaminants

We have added the Performance Data Sheets for those who are interested at the bottom of this page.
Working Temperature: 82F max to 34F min
PuR 1 Stage PuR 2 Stage
CR-1500R CR-800, CR-900
CR-1510 DS-1800
Health Effects - NSF Standard 53
MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) X
TTHM (total trihalomethanes) X X
Atrazine (herbicide) X X
Benzene X X
Carbofuran X
Carbon Tetrachloride X
Ethylene Dibromide X
Lindane (insecticide) X X
Methoxychlor X
Simazine X
Styrene X
Tetrachloroethene X
Toluene X
Toxaphene (insecticide) X X
Trichloroethene X
Xylene X
2,4-D (herbicide) X X
2,4,5-TP (Silvex) X
Cycts (cryptoporidium, giardia) X
Cadmium X
Copper X X
Lead X X
Mercury X X
Aesthetic Effects - NSF Standard 42
Chlorine, Taste, Odor X X
Particulate X X
NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) has classified Chlorine as not a health chemical (Standard 53) but rather an aesthetic issue (Standard 42). While this means we must say 'taste and odor', chlorine removal is from 95% to 98% for all PuR Faucet Mount and Pitcher systems as indicated in these data sheets.

Open chart then expand the image to view or right click and choose 'Save Picture As' to save to your computer.


Click to enlarge1 Stage Pitcher Data Sheet
Click to enlarge2 Stage Pitsher Data Sheet

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