"The cost of water from a home filtration system is<br> approximately 78% less per gallon than bottled."

If you're buying bottled water, chances are you're doing so because you prefer the taste and trust the quality of bottled over tap. You're also paying more and missing out on the simple convenience of just running the faucet for drinking water. Available at a lower cost than many bottled water sources, PUR home water filters offer an easy way to get clean, better-tasting tap water from home.

Cost Benefits
  • The cost of water from a home filtration system is approximately 78% less per gallon than bottled. Over the long-term, the cost comparison between bottled and filtered can be quite significant.
  • Once you own a home filtration system, your only expense lies in changing the disposable filter.

  • Indoor plumbing was supposed to alleviate for us the inconvenience of having to transport drinking water from the well. Yet today, many people think nothing of carrying in large quantities of bottled water. In addition, this inconvenience is costly; at least well water was free.
  • If it's necessary to take water to somewhere, perhaps, the gym or on a trip, it's simple to use filtered water in a refillable water bottle. It's inexpensive and available from a source you can trust.

Environmental Concerns of Bottled Water

When factoring in the benefits of lower cost, environmental issues, convenience and quality assurance, a home filtration system is the sensible alternative to bottled water. For more information on PUR home filtration systems as well as other ways to improve the quality of your tap water, click on the links to the right.

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